8 Yummy (& Easy) Popsicle Ideas for a Fun Holidays

Whether you're at the beach, chilling out after a training session or hosting a party, there's a popsicle recipe for you! Try one of these healthy (ish) pops and let us know which one is your favourite! While we recommend using proper popiscle moulds, if you're stuck you can use a muffin tin and cover with aluminium foil and stick popsicle sticks into each portion to keep steady while freezing.

1. Froyo Pops

Melt some chocolate in one bowl and have a tub of yoghurt ready. Layer them into a popsicle mould for a simple and delicious treat. If you want to make it pretty, swirl the melted chocolate and yoghurt together and spoon into the mould. 

2. Banana Deco 

Bananas are a sweet, versatile fruit that can be transformed into delicious popsicles with little effort. Stick a wooden popsicle into a ripe banana (careful not to break the banana!) and dip it into some melted chocolate and sprinkle some nuts, sprinkles, shredded coconut or whatever your heart desires! Place them onto a tray with baking paper and stick them in the freezer. Voila! 🍌 You have a delicious popsicle to serve up – plate it for a party, give it to the kids or dig in yourself.

3. Icy Juice Poles

Pour orange juice into some moulds and freeze. Sometimes it’s the simple things that work best! You can also make it chunky with some fruit pieces such as strawberry, raspberry, peach and blackberry. Add some pineapple juice into the mix for a tropical flavour.

4. The Pretty Party Popsicle

With only four ingredients, this popsicle recipe from Sugar and Charm packs a punch! Refreshing and pretty (thanks to the edible flowers), enjoy by the pool 🌴.

5. The Sleepy Popsicle

Ahh, nothing beats lazy summer nights. Waiting for that nightly breeze to pass through and cool you down as you relax and unwind. This sweet chamomile popsicle from Vanilla and Bean captures that feeling to a tee.

6. Banana and Coconut Cream

Some of the two best flavours combine to make this popsicle oh so rich and creamy! Check out the Spoonful of Flavour recipe for an easy, five-ingredient pop.

7. Avocado Pops

Okay so it’s a bit quirky, but that’s what you thought about avocado mousse before you tried it. This Sugar and Charm popsicle takes it to the next level with avocado and grapefruit goodness in the mix. 

8. Watermelon Mint

You can’t have a summer popsicle list without watermelon! This Jessica Gavin recipe list has a few fruity options, but we can’t go past the watermelon recipe made with fresh mint for an extra burst of flavour.