Celebrating Darwin Gymnastics Club

When Darwin Gymnastics Club were forced into lock down along with the rest of Northern Territory in March, the club was quick to jump into a whole new structure of how to deliver gymnastics classes to its members. Within the first week of gym closures, the club along with its 11 coaches, were offering weekly recreational videos, weekly ZOOM meetings with competitive squads as well as producing strength and conditioning videos focusing on different areas of gymnastics, such as injury prevention, specific apparatus conditioning and dance/posture.

After a few weeks, the club then increased the sessions online to twice a week and included bonus digital sessions covering topics such as general biomechanics, skill analysis and goal setting. It was a growth mindset by the club which enabled them to continue to function in a new way and keep their members engaged and motivated during lockdown.

Darwin Gymnastics Club didn’t stop there. When their 7 year tradition of Pink Sports Day Fundraiser was at risk of not going ahead due to restrictions, they turned digital and ran a virtual fundraiser instead. The coaches ran online classes and there was a drive through photo opportunity. Donations were collected on behalf of Breast Cancer Network Australia.

With 480 members and 9 gym sport programs running each week, the club prides itself on being a family. Darwin Gymnastics Club Manager Karen Jibb telling Gymnastics NT “As a community club with a remote and often transient population, we develop strong relationships with our members. Our fundraising and other activities bring our community together and focus on positive experiences and memories of much more than gymnastics.”

With gymnastics in The Northern Territory open once again, the club was excited to see all their members happy faces in the gym and continue to be a positive voice in their community.

“With all the unknown surrounding the COVID-19 shut down it was exciting for the staff to be able to start planning for the remainder of the year and we were determined to focus on the positives and new goals, rather than feel the loss of the year that could have been.”