5 thoughts every gymnast has before a competition

Fear, excitement, determination..there are so many emotions that an athlete can face on the eve of competition. With the Northern Territory  kicking off over the weekend, we've reflected on some of the final thoughts you may have before smashing your routines.

Run for the hills

You may have been training and working towards this day for the last 5 years. You spend every training session dreaming of hitting the floor at a major comp. But when the day finally arrives and you stand behind the curtain waiting to walk into the arena, you want to turn to the security guard and ask for the closest emergency exit, as your head screams abort, abort, abort!!! Lucky for you your coach is there to keep you calm cool and collected!

Gymnast turned control freak

In an effort to control your nerves, some of us attempt to control everything and everyone around you. Whether it’s meticulously organising your gym bag, packing 5 rolls of strapping tape ‘just in case’ or enusring that you have exactly 23 almonds in your snack bag...keeping an eye on the little things can go a long way.

You've got this...

While you start feeling those nerves sink in, you(or your super coach) will try and change the mood with a big dose of positivity. This is usually accompanied by you trying to recite and repeat every inspirational quote you’ve ever read in your life….”she believed she could, so she did”.

Superstitions what superstitions?

In moments of stress you can always lean on those trusty superstitions to help get you through. Whether it’s a lucky hand towel, blowing your nose 5 times or having to place your water bottle exactly 2cm away from your bag... “you do you”.



Superstitions, organisation or mantras aside; you have been training for this moment for as long as you can remember. Your body knows what to do, all that’s left to do is breathe.