Board of Management

The affairs of GNT are managed by a Board, elected at the AGM. GNT Board of Management is required to meet at a minimum every second month; however, this is subject to change as and when required.



Key Responsibilities


Strategic Planning

Government Liaison

Sponsorship Arrangements

Policies and Procedures

National Body Representative


Deputy for Chairperson

Principal negotiator for dispute resolution

Supervision of paid staff

Prepare minutes of board meetings



  • Budgets
  • Financial Reports
  • Contracts
  • Grant Applications
  • Lease Agreements
  • Banking and Asset Management

Board Member – ordinary x 4

Attend meetings of the board and assist the association where required

Gymnastics Northern Territory welcomes expressions of interest to join the GNT Board via email to [email protected] 
The board meets on average 6 times a year and conducts one strategic planning day annually.

The GNT Board can be contacted via email - [email protected]

Sports Management Committee

Gymsports in the Northern Territory are managed by Sports Management Committee(SMC). The SMC consists of the GNT Executive Director and the Technical Directors of each gymsport. 
The Executive Director chairs the SMC meetings but does not vote unless required to cast a deciding vote.


The Sports Management Committee is required to meet at a minimum of every second month.

The major functions of the SMC are:

  • Receive reports on each gymsport from the Technical Director for that gymsport
  • Maintain a current calendar of events for gymsports in NT
  • Coordinate the annual NT Championships
  • Run trials and select teams for National Championships
  • Identify needs for courses, updates and workshops for coaches and judges

Technical Directors

The Technical Directors must be, at minimum, intermediate accredited coach in the discipline they represent:

  • Men's (MAG) Technical Director
  • Women’s (WAG) Technical Director
  • Rhythmic (RG) Technical Director
  • Gymnastics for All (GFA) Technical Director
  • Aerobic Gymnastics (AER) Technical Director
  • Acrobatic Gymnastics (ACR) Technical Director
  • Trampoline Gymnastics (TRP) Technical Director


Responsibilities of Technical Directors:

  • Report to SMC on matters of interest or importance within their gymsport.
  • Liaise with other Technical Members of their gymsport as necessary, either informally or by forming a sub-committee for that gymsport
  • Communicate all relevant information from GA to Technical Members of their gymsport and to GNT via the SMC and Executive Director.
  • Liaise with the Executive Director to coordinate courses & workshops.
  • Complete an annual report for the gymsports.
  • Provide ED & National Commission information on matters of interest or importance within their gymsport in the NT.
  • To provide news stories for the Events and Marketing Coordinator to release to the GNT Newsletter each school term. 
  • Consult their Gymsport community with latest news from GNT and National Commissions. 
  • Liaise with Gymnastics Australia (GA) representatives (i.e National Commission) for the gymsport and act as the NT Representative for the Gymsport. 
  • Consult with Gymsport community in order to make key decisions within Gymsport. 
  • Engage Coaches of specific gymsport to obtain a National Team (if applicable) 
  • Assist ED with the organisation of State Championships by organising judging panels and floor plans. 
  • Be familiar with the Technical Guidelines of the relevant gymsport. 
  • Attend SMC meetings 
  • Act as the State Team “selection panel” 
  • Offer Technical assistance to any Technical member when they require. 
  • Offer assistance and guidance to the ED on the development of the annual Events Calendar. 
  • Coordinate State Squads if applicable to their gymsport, including engaging coaches, dates, venues and regulation handbooks.
  • Carry out all duties that are delegated by ED within the given timeframe. 
  • It is the responsibility of each Technical Director to develop effective systems, which meet the above responsibilities within their gymsport.


To apply to the SMC to become a Technical Director please email [email protected]
The GNT SMC can be contacted via email - [email protected]