KinderGym a family tradition


For children around Australia, learning to crawl, walk, read and write all play an integral role in their development. 

Queensland-based mother of three, Hayley Mabin, first discovered KinderGym when her eldest child, Lincoln was born, and quickly understood the importance of him developing fundamental movement skills at a young age.

“I believe gymnastics is the basis for all sports and helps young children grow self confidence in their body,” said Hayley.

“It helps create strength, control, awareness, balance and body-confidence, which is so important in children.”

For Hayley, having all three children involved in KinderGym at Emerald Gymnastics has also played a vital role in the development of her and her children’s relationship.

“It’s our special thing to do together. We get to hang out, be active and have fun together.

“Memphis, who is just 2 talks about ‘kindy gym’ all week, and leading up to her classes, is always asking ‘Mum come?’, ‘Mum help?’, it’s great to see she loves it too.”

A program specifically designed for 0-5-year old’s, Gymnastics Australia’s KinderGym promotes the importance of developing their physical literacy and fundamental movement skills that provide children with the motivation and knowledge to lead active and healthy lives.

When reflecting on the most significant development she has seen since her three children began participating in their local KinderGym class, Hayley had one simple answer.

“They go from needing my help in everything, to pushing my hand away and proudly telling me that they can do it themselves. 

“They grow confidence to balance, jump, climb and take risks with a sense of belief in themselves and it’s incredible to see.”

Most importantly, the skills learned through KinderGym can easily be transferred into day-to-day activities.

“They take their skills out into the playground at school, they learn to evaluate risks and understand what they should and shouldn’t do – it’s so important to understand this from a young age.”

To watch your child grow in confidence in a safe and fun environment or to find out more about KinderGym click here.

KinderGym is delivered nationally with the support of the Sport Australia Move it Australia funding program.