21 November 2019

Gymnastics Australia has added further resources to its growing athlete support program by launching a Body Positive Webinar with renowned dietitian, Fiona Sutherland APD along with the first list of recommended professionals under the organisation’s new Support Services Network.

The additional resources follow on from the July launch of GA’s Body Positive Guidelines which aims to set clear boundaries and guidelines on acceptable language and behaviour in relation to body image in gymnastics.

The release of the webinar and a list of sports dietitians under the new Support Services Network extend the content of GA’s Body Positive Guidelines which have received widespread praise and endorsement across the domestic and international sports scene since the launch of the document.

GA Athlete Wellbeing and Engagement Manager, Stephanie Moorhouse says the Body Positive Webinar covers the Guidelines in more detail, the rationale behind developing them and how clubs can implement them into their programs. 

“To support the Body Positive Guidelines, this webinar is an important tool for our community to be able to hear from leading dietitian Fiona Sutherland who developed the guidelines,” Moorhouse says. 

“Fiona speaks about the rationale behind the development of the guidelines, why they were established and how gymnastics clubs can implement them into their programs. 

“The implementation is the most important part for us as this is how we ensure the correct language and behaviours are being used in gymnastics clubs across the country.”

The concurrent release of GA’s Support Services Network provides a list of qualified sports dietitians Australia-wide who are available and willing to support gymnastics clubs.

Each of the dietitians on the list have achieved GA’s requirements, including endorsement from the organisation’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr Kathy Yu. 

“The list of sports dietitians we have gathered under the Gymnastics Australia Support Services Network provides a group of experts in their specialised field of nutrition and dietetics that are ready and available to support our gymnastics community,” Moorhouse continued. 

“One of the aims of the Body Positive Guidelines is to encourage programs to involve dietitians to lead education, conversations and support for athletes, coaches, parents and management staff. 

“We encourage clubs to reach out to this list of dietitians to support this objective.”

The full list of GA-approved Sports Dieticians and Fiona Sutherland’s Body Positive Guidelines Webinar can be found HERE under the Body Positive tab on the GA website.