Affiliation Benefits

Affiliation with Gymnastics Australia and State Associations brings a club a wide array of benefits, both on the floor and in the office. Only affiliated Clubs have access to recognised coach and judge education and industry training. Only affiliated Clubs can provide their members with a full range of opportunities to participate and compete in gymnastics in all its forms.

Affiliated Clubs benefit from Gymnastics Australia partnerships with national and international organisations including the International Federation of Gymnastics (FIG), Australian Sports Commission, Australian Institute of Sport and State and territory Institutes of Sport. These partnerships grow the awareness of gymnastics across the board and provide funding for grassroots and elite programs.

 Administration benefits

  • Access to the National Risk Protection Program, including public liability, professional indemnity and personal accident insurance cover for clubs and athletes

  • Access to Club 10, the national club development program including resource information and template documents across key club issues

  • Access to regular GA publications Latest News and the Technical Member Bulletin

  • Use of Gymnastics Australia and Club 10 logos (some restrictions apply)

  • Access to the National Licensing Scheme for OneMusic

  • Club promotion though the Gymnastics Australia website, including the club search function

  • Access to and communication from national Gymsport Commissions

  • Advice and assistance on obtaining 375 Visas for coaches

  • Affiliation Certificate that confirms a club’s adherence to national quality standards

 Information Technology solutions

 Gymnastics development benefits


  • Access to National Accreditation Courses for Coaches and Judges

  • Access to continuous professional development workshops

  • Ability to host sanctioned courses/workshops

  • Access to education opportunities, including online learning and VET accredited courses

 Participation and pathways

  • Access to Gymnastics Australia’s High Performance pathway programs

  • Access to the Launchpad suite of programs and resources (KinderGymGymFun and GymSkills), including free access to the online Marketing Portal

  • Subscriber access to GYMSchools

  • Discounted access to the extensive resources in the national GymShop, including GymMix and the Australian Levels Programs resources

  • Access education and resources on inclusion for identified groups, such as

  • Opportunity to be involved in and benefit from Gymnastics Australia’s funded projects, such as GymAbility, GymMix and the Managing Inclusion in Gymnastics online workshops

  • Access to Little Stars promotional vouchers and fundraising opportunities

  • Opportunity to be an endorsed deliverer in the Australian Sports Commission’s Sporting Schools Program


  • Access to compete in national and international sanctioned events

  • Access to professional development and volunteer opportunities at national events

  • Access to club group booking discounts for national events

  • Discounts to Australian Gymnastics Championships tickets (conditions apply)

Discounts on GA’s education products 

are available to all clubs, depending on their size. Make sure your club takes advantage of this offer to help build your club’s coaching expertise.  Affiliated clubs will be sent an email from GA at the end of March 2015 explaining how to access the discounts.

  • Clubs with 0-100 participants
    1 x 20% discount for the ONLINE component of an Intermediate Coaching Course          

  • Clubs with 101-249 participants
    1 x 30% discount for the ONLINE component of an Intermediate Coaching Course         

  • Clubs with 250-499 participants
    2 x 50% discounts for the ONLINE component of an Intermediate Coaching Course  

  • Clubs with 500-999 participants
    2 x complimentary Intermediate Coaching Courses (Gymnastics Australia online component only)

  • Clubs with 1000+ participants
    3 x complimentary Intermediate Coaching Courses (Gymnastics Australia online component only)

As well as these national benefits your local State Association also provides even more programs and resources to benefit your club.

Need help or more information on Club Affiliation benefits? Please contact your State Association.