National Risk Protection Programme - FAQs

The National Risk Protection Programme is provided to members of Gymnastics Australia and the State Associations. Renewal occurs annually as all policies expire 31 December each year.

What is Insurance?

Insurance is a key strategy in the overall risk management for all clubs, coaches, judges and participants. It is a "safety net" that will assist in the unlikely event of litigation, damage or personal injury.

What is the scope of insurance cover?

Gymnastics is a unique sport and therefore requires insurance guidelines to ensure the activities of the sport are covered. As a general rule, Gymnastics Australia's Education Framework is used to determine the scope of insurance cover for clubs, coaches, judges and participants.

What is Gymnastics Australia's Education Framework?

Gymnastics Australia's Education Framework outlines the competencies all accredited coaches must possess in order to hold a Coaching Accreditation. Learning outcomes based on the competency standards are the basis on which all Coaching Courses are delivered. Therefore, when coaching gymnastics it is expected that these competencies are met and maintained. Anyone providing gymnastics activities beyond the Education Framework guidelines for their accreditation may find themselves at risk of being beyond the scope of insurance cover.

Example #1: Gymnastics Australia has an accreditation for coaches who work with children under the age of 5 years. Specifically this accreditation includes early childhood competencies for coaches. Our industry standard expects all coaches working with children in this age group to hold a Kindergym Coaching Accreditation.

Example #2: Gymnastics Australia's entry level Coaching Courses are designed for beginner coaches. These courses do not cover the full breadth of gymnastics skills. For example, salto activities are not taught to beginner coaches. Coaches who need to teach these skills should undertake formal training (such as sanctioned workshops or a course to achieve higher level Coaching Accreditation).

The National Risk Protection Programme

Gymnastics Australia's National Risk Protection Programme comprises of the following covers:

General Liability, includes Professional Indemnity
Club Management Liability
Personal Injury

To find out more about each of these covers please utilise the links above or contact Gymnastics Australia’s insurance brokers, JLT Sport on 1300 130 373.

Frequently Asked Questions - answers some of the most common questions asked about Gymnastics Australia's National Risk Protection Programme.

How to Make a Claim

In the unfortunate event of personal injury, Gymnastics Australia advises the following procedure:

Download a Gymnastics Australia Personal Injury Claim Form from the JLT Sport website –

Complete each section of the claim form. Please note: Incomplete claim forms may cause delays in processing your claim. For assistance, please contact SUA Claims Department on 1300 363 413.

Send your claim form (via post or fax) to SUA Claims Department – PO Box 2717, TAREN POINT, NSW 2229 or FAX: 02 9524 9003.

Important: Claims should be lodged within 180 days from the date of injury. You do not need to wait for all treatments to be completed before sending your claim form.

SUA will confirm receipt of your claim form or contact you should they require further information.

For assistance with your Personal Injury Claim

Claims enquiries: SUA Claims Department – 1300 363 413
General enquiries: JLT Sport – 1300 130 373

Important Information

The Health Insurance Act (Cth) 1973 does not permit the Insurer to contribute to any charges covered by Medicare (including the Medicare Gap).

Please note that all potential Liability Claims should be advised to, and discussed with, a representative from JLT Sport, telephone 1300 130 373.

Useful links:

JLT Sport - Gymnastics Australia's Insurance Broker

Sports Underwriting Australia - Gymnastics Australia's Insurance Underwriter - Contact details co JLT Sport information page.

Gymnastics Australia's Education Framework - The Education Framework outlines the wide range of competencies that all coaches are expected to meet and maintain. These competencies are used as guidelines when determining the scope of cover for Gymnastics Australia's Insurance Policies. It is important that all coaches and clubs are aware of these competencies.